shocking pair

Wouldn’t it be very shocking for us if all along, Paige and Alison are working together from the start? Maybe that’s why Paige doesn’t want to join Mona’s army. Their feud could be only made up. What a crazy twist it would be.

Why did Alison totally change her story?What part of her story is true?Do we believe Tobys version of what his tatoo means?Do we believe that Ezra was writing a book?He must know a lot with all those cameras. Why isnt he more afraid of A?Whats the point of Melissa pretending to be pregnant?What is Peters and Jessicas deal?What secrets do Melissa and Peter share?Was Marion sick?Is Cece just evil?Why did Jenna talk well of Alison at her funeral?


Oh boy, these are a lot of questions and all are difficult to answer. Why ya gotta go and do me like this?! Ha. I take questions quite seriously and try to honestly answer to the best of my ability. I can only speculate and respond with my own personal opinions. Hm, I’ll break this up to try and make it clear and organized. I’m going to go ahead and use a break due to the sheer length of this response.

Sorry if there are any errors, I’ve been typing this up here and there all day and I’ve grown too tired to care about proof reading it all now. I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

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