Is it just me…or?

When Alison and Emily were talking at the restroom, Sydney suddenly appeared from a cubicle.

And from that angle, when she opened the door of that cubicle and only a portion of her face was shown, I thought it was: Maya. I don’t know but I was like: “hey, they’re showing Maya now?? Oh wait, it’s Sydney.”

Hmmm, what do you think of this? Is this why the character was specifically made for Chloe B?


PLL friendship

What I do notice in this past episodes of PLL is with regards with the current status of their friendship.

Not just between them and Ali but also between themselves. Like their relationship is slowly crumbling down? Like from the start, their foundation was fragile and with one whip of a problem, it will be destroyed completely.

I know Ali is the center of it all. She affects them but with all that has happened to them, why do they still allow Ali to be the center?

But out of all the liars, why is it that the least affected is Aria. Like when you omit Shana out, she will have nothing at all to worry about.

Hmmm thoughts?

My PLL fearless forecast (LOL)

Who has the twin?
-Cece and/or Aria

Who is Black Veil?
-Aria’s twin or Lucas (dun dun dun!!!)

Who killed Bethany Young?
-Melissa Hastings

Who killed Mrs. D?
-Black Veil

Who pushed Marion C?
-Mrs D

Who witnessed the pushing?
-Black Veil and Bethany

Who is Big A?
-the crazy twin Aria

I’m not just a fan of Aria is A theory, I am an avid, fanatic!! Lol. Make Aria the villain! Yes please. :)

I need, like seriously, money.


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