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Spencer again?

I really don’t like the idea that Spencer will be the one to have the twin. No. I mean, she always got the interesting plots especially near the end of every season. Like drug addiction, being at Radley, and so on. Please to the other girls. And when I say other girls I mean Aria.


Parallels between The Montgomery Family, and the TWINS we are first introduced to in “The First Secret” (2x13)
The little twins are seen playing with dolls in the kitchen while their parents are out. When the twins start to fight we see a close up of the “Evil Twins” feet as she gets up from the table. She is wearing black shoes with cute little white ruffled socks, just like we see Aria wear to the theatre in (5x11)
We then see the “Evil Twins” reflection in the knife she is about to pull out of the kitchen drawer. In another episode we see Aria peering into the shared of broken glass from a mirror in which she takes a shard of glass to use for “protection” in case she needs it.
Next in the TWIN scene we see the parents come home to see the horror that had taken place. We see the camera close in on the fathers face. He was wearing a Fedora Hat. The parents were just coming home, perhaps from a special occasion or date? In (5x11) we see Byron wearing his special Fedora hat that he wears for special occasions.
When the twins are first seen sitting at the kitchen table, behind them is a white stove. It looks just like the stove we see in Aria’s kitchen at home. It is a unique style and appears to be vintage. Maybe it’s been in the family for a long time?
Could these be clues that Aria and/or her father have a connection to the potential storyline involving the twins?

It would really be cool if Aria has the twin and/or is -A.

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